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How B2B Startup Replo Uses Assembly to 3x Content Output


increase in content output and distribution


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Happiness Delivered

I love Assembly. I'll sing its praises...You need Assembly. Given the volume we need to produce and put out this quarter, we’d be dead without it. Get it. Like right now.. I love it.
Sanjay Jenkins
Head of Growth

A Fast-Growing B2B Startup Prioritizing Content

Replo is a visual page builder tool for Shopify and high-growth brands like HexClad, Jones Road Beauty, and Jif Peanut Butter use our tool to create engaging customer experiences that make them more money. As an e-commerce SaaS startup, many of Replo’s customers are on social channels like Twitter and Linkedin. They needed a tool to help them streamline their content ops to increase content output. However, their existing content workflow was highly inefficient and fragmented.


Before Assembly

Prior to using Assembly, Replo's content workflow was disorganized and manual. Posting content across multiple social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook was very time-consuming.

"Before there was really no organization and there was no archive of the content that we posted. In the past, if I wanted to put something out on YouTube and LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter all at once, I'd have to go for them, make the content, which is usually the heaviest lift. 

This disjointed approach made it difficult to streamline Replo's content creation, planning, and distribution processes. As a small team, they were stretched thin on bandwidth, negatively impacting content output.


Why Assembly Was the Right Choice for Replo

Replo adopted Assembly to consolidate their entire content operation into one efficient platform. Assembly provided several key solutions:

  • Central Content Hub: All of Replo's published and upcoming content became organized and archived in a single location within Assembly. This gave the team full visibility into their content calendar and output.
  • Cross-Platform Content Syndication: With just a few clicks, Replo could syndicate the same core piece of content across multiple channels in the appropriate format for each platform. 
  • Automated Content Publishing: Assembly allowed Replo to schedule content publishing across all their active channels, saving substantial time from the previous manual approach of logging into each platform individually to post.
  • Streamlined Team Collaboration: Using Assembly, the entire Replo marketing team could seamlessly collaborate, plan content calendars, assign tasks, and maintain consistent messaging and brand voice.


Our Results

By centralizing content operations with Assembly, Replo was able to dramatically increase content output while operating more efficiently as a team. Sanjay estimated saving between 30 minutes to 1 hour per day just from Assembly's automated publishing and syndication capabilities.

"Between the organization, syndication, automations, and having one place to manage everything, Assembly has improved our content output tremendously while keeping us organized," stated Sanjay.

Beyond the time savings, Assembly's intuitive platform empowered Replo to expand their content strategies without adding significant overhead. Rich features like content re-posting, team collaboration tools, and synchronized channel publishing streamlined their entire workflow.

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