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How Arrows Switched from Notion to Assembly


Pieces of content published within first month of using Assembly


Increase in overall content velocity


Hours saved per month from manual content operations


Social media channels managed with Assembly

Assembly has been a large part of increasing our velocity. It's making it much, much easier to schedule things out and actually manage the calendar better.
Stuart Balcombe
Head of Growth

An Onboarding-Focused B2B SaaS Tool

Arrows is a collaborative onboarding software for post-sales teams using HubSpot. The company relies heavily on content marketing to build top-of-funnel brand awareness and trust with potential customers.


A One-Person Marketing Team

As a small 8-person company with only one marketer, Arrows struggled to scale up their content distribution to a consistent content publishing cadence.

The main issue Arrows was facing was a dual-sided problem. Notion worked OK when they were only doing 1-2 pieces of content a week, but as Arrows started to scale up their content operations, their team found it difficult to stay efficient without a social media focused tool. Constant context switching, messy approvals, and manually posting all led to large time inefficiencies. This problem was compounded by the fact that Arrows also was building their presence on multiple channels like LinkedIn, YouTube, and their company blog.

“I would definitely recommend Assembly, especially for small content teams looking for that operational efficiency. It's obviously built for content teams - there are things that just fit the workflow you want.”

Scaling Content with Assembly

Arrows implemented Assembly to streamline their content operations, moving away from Notion. With Assembly, Arrows can now easily plan, collaborate, and publish content - all in one platform. Key features include:

  • In-platform publishing and scheduling to channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube
  • Campaigns feature for visibility into content themes
  • Briefs tab keeps all content info in one place
  • Collaboration features like comments
  • Analytics to track performance

Our Results

  • Increased content velocity by 15% publishing 60+ pieces of content within the first month of using Assembly
  • Reduced the marketer's time spent on content operations by ~3-5 hours per week
  • Streamlined workflows with in-platform scheduling, avoiding context switching between tools
  • Provided visibility into upcoming content for the rest of the team

We make social media management, easy.