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Gallery 10X'd their content volume with Assembly


Increase in content volume since switching to Assembly


Viral posts created per month


Lift in content performance (engagement and impressions)


Hours saved per week from manual content operations

"Assembly has changed the way we do content completely. I feel that we have been posting way more quality content, and I love how nicely designed Assembly is - it helps me visually organize my thoughts and write more."
Mike Wen

A Social Network for Web3

GALLERY is a social app for sharing digital art and connecting collectors and artists. As they prepared to go-to-market, Gallery knew they needed to significantly increase their content marketing to reach their community across all platforms (Twitter, Farcaster, Discord, Lens, Instagram, email newsletter, blog, and more). However, their existing workflow using Notion and each marketing platform was inefficient and unorganized.

They started using Assembly to have a centralized content planning, workflow, and scheduling system. The results speak for themselves.


Fixing a Messy Process

One of the main challenges GALLERY faced was not having a unified system that served as the source of truth for developing and managing content across platforms and channels. Before Assembly, GALLERY’s content workflow for developing, managing, and distributing content across platforms (Twitter, Farcaster, Discord, Lens, Instagram, and more) was incredibly inefficient and fragmented. They initially tried to organize content in Notion and Slack, but found it was not robust enough for their needs. 

Campaign planning was cumbersome, and they would result in tweeting when needed without much planning or strategy involved. It was clear they needed a dedicated platform to streamline and optimize their content operations in order to achieve their growth goals.


A Single Source-of-truth for Marketing

GALLERY adopted Assembly as their source of truth for their marketing content calendar, setting up key channels for core platforms like Twitter, email, and their own blog. 

Here are some of the key features they love -

  • Cross-platform scheduling - Ability to plan and schedule content across multiple channels like Twitter, Instagram, email, blog.
  • Twitter drafting and scheduling - Draft tweets and threads in Assembly and schedule posting to Twitter.
  • Analytics - Likes seeing analytics on performance directly in Assembly.
  • Recommended posting times - Like that Assembly provides suggestions for high-engagement times to post.

A Social Network for Web3

The results of GALLERY standardizing their content workflow on Assembly have been tremendously positive. 

  • 10x increase in volume of content published
  • Achieved 6 viral posts/month after Assembly
  • Significant lift in content quality and cohesiveness
  • Gained 100-200 new followers within 2 weeks

We make social media management, easy.