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April 27, 2024

Template: B2B SaaS Founder Linkedin Content Calendar

Should I be posting on Linkedin?

 If you're a founder, marketer, or sell to decision makers that live on Linkedin (Sales, Marketer, HR leaders, and etc) - you should absolutely be posting on Linkedin. In fact, modern SaaS companies like Apollo, Gong, Lavender, and HockeyStack know how to make LinkedIn their primary pipeline driver.

  • Refine Labs drove $14M ARR in net new revenue and $50MM in pipeline in two years from LinkedIn
  • HockeyStack drove 45% MoM revenue growth within a year of going all in on LinkedIn social selling
  • As of September 2023, Gong.io generated 4.5k in organic traffic from social
  • …this could be you!

Sample Founder Content Calendar + Templates

As an early-stage B2B founder, establishing a strong online presence on Linkedin and consistently sharing valuable content is crucial for building brand awareness, engaging with your target audience, and attracting potential customers or investors. But you're busy. With everything going on as a founder, it can be challenging to find the time and inspiration to create and distribute content consistently.

That's where a well-planned, scheduled content calendar can be a game-changer. By mapping out your content strategy in advance and leveraging pre-built templates, you can streamline the content creation process, ensuring a steady flow of high-quality, relevant material across platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter – two powerhouses for B2B networking and lead generation.

Suggested Channels

  • Founder Linkedin, cross-post to Twitter 
  • Company Linkedin

Best Practices

  • In Month 1, the goal is to just get into a consistent, content cadence! We like to aim for ~3/week to start. 
    • This means - don’t be too precious with content. Feel free to experiment with content type + format - links, video, text, PDFs, etc so we can learn what works and doesn’t after Month 1. 
  • Engagement: As you’re getting started on content, try to follow a few key accounts and engage on the platform for 10 minutes a day. Leave comments on comment in your feed, from your own content from brand content (can automate this in Assembly), tag people in content you see on Linkedin or Twitter - don’t be afraid to engage! 
  • Hashtags: Would encourage 3-5 hashtags on your content on Linkedin 
  • Links: Add links in the first comment on Linkedin (tends to perform better) 
  • Block out to write content for an hour at the top of the week and schedule out content in Assembly :) 


Here are 8 sample templates to get started on Linkedin. If you're looking to have these populated in your Assembly calendar, ping us at hi@assembly.marketing!

Weekly Changelog Template

Share a video or screenshot of a few things your team shipped this week. 

Hook: Here’s what new this week: 

🆕 Feature 1

🆕 Feature 2 

Industry News Template

Shed some light on where you believe the future is headed.

Hook: I just learned {UniqueIndustryStat}.

And this stat is not too far off from what exists in {RelatedIndustry}.

How do we solve {StatProblem}?

Product Feature Highlight Template

Share a video or screenshot of a few things your team shipped this week. 

Hook: Meet [Feature]

Here’s how [Feature] can [insert benefit here] you. 

Shoutout Template 

Hook: Just a random shoutout to @X 

Ex: Just a random shoutout to @assemblymktg 

One of those people who I clicked with instantly & feel grateful our paths crossed 

Follow him on Twitter & check out his podcast

POV: Founder Learning / Personal Story Template

Tell stories that allow readers to see themselves in you.

Hook: I have been {Topic} since {Date}.

And I have been {RelatedTopic} since {Date}.

Most people start {Topic} because they want to {ConventionalOutcome}, or achieve {X}.

That’s fine.

I started {Topic} because I love it.

Which is why I’m still doing it today.

Customer Highlight Template

Include a screenshot or quote from a customer  

Hook: ✨We love hearing testimonials like this.✨ 

Case Study Template

Share a case study

Hook: "** Case Study Drop **

How [x drove {results} in {timeframe} with company] 🤝


Benefit 1 

Benefit 2 

Benefit 3




Want to learn more? Drop me a line anytime.

Top 5 Resources Templates

Share resources you recommend.

Hook: Top {Industry} Tools for {Audience}:

1) {Tool Name}—{1 sentence explanation}

2) {Tool Name}—{1 sentence explanation}

3) {Tool Name}—{1 sentence explanation}

4) {Tool Name}—{1 sentence explanation}

Getting started has never been easier.

Give us a follow on Linkedin. If you're looking to get started with content or need help, ping us at hi@assembly.marketing!