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April 19, 2024

Q+A: Should I be reposting my content on social media?

If you're putting effort into creating great social media content, you want to ensure it gets maximum visibility and engagement. One of the best ways to do that is through strategic reposting. When done right, reposting top-performing content can significantly increase its reach and keep it circulating effectively. TLDR: yes! You absolutely should be reposting your own content.

First of all, what is reposting? Reposting is when you reshare a previous piece of content - either with or without commentary. For example, we recently posted a deep-dive on Notion's social media strategy and reposted it a week later to get an extra 15% boost in reach + engagement!

Here are some reposting best practices:

1. Identify Your Top Content

The first step is to pinpoint your highest performing organic posts using social media analytics. Look at metrics like engagement rate, impressions / reach, and shares to find the content that truly resonated with your audience. These are the gold mines worth reposting. In Assembly, you can find these in the analytics tab.

2. Schedule Top Content Periodically

Your top posts deserve a second wind. Reposting them after a week, two weeks or even a month can expose the content to an entirely new segment of your audience who missed it initially. A tool like Assembly makes it easy to reschedule top posts across all your connected accounts with just a few clicks.

3. Use Immediate Reposting for Added Reach

For an initial engagement boost, repost your new content later in the day (~2-6 hours) after first going live from related accounts like your company's page, influencers, executives' personal pages, etc. This cross-promotion technique gets your content in front of diverse audiences right away. Again, Assembly allows you to auto-schedule these reposts minutes or hours after the original post.

4. Add Fresh Commentary

When reposting, you can simply share the original content again or put a fresh spin on it by adding new commentary. This re-engages your existing audience with a new perspective on an already successful post.

As with anything in marketing, test and iterate! Try using some of these techniques for reposting, and closely monitor performance metrics to understand what content thrives with reposting and what cadence maximizes engagement. Continuously test and refine your reposting strategy based on results.

At Assembly, we help make this process easy to schedule, post, and analyze your social media content. If you're looking for an easy way to resurface or repost content, check us out :)