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February 22, 2024

Getting Started with Posting on LinkedIn: 5 Best Practices and Tips

Why Linkedin?

First of all, if you're here - welcome! You're probably considering posting more on Linkedin. Why? It works.

We've seen companies generating >50%+ of their sales just by consistently posting on Linkedin. Linkedin works especially well for B2B companies and founders selling into startups, GTM teams and professional services companies who are active on LinkedIn. There are a number of Linkedin best practices that you should know about when getting started with organic content. In this article, we’ll highlight five best practices.

At Assembly, we help companies like Mercury, Pylon, Astranis, and Jam streamline their content marketing across social channels like Linkedin, Twitter, Slack, and more.

Best Practices:

1. Turn on Creator Mode: 

We see B2B companies have the most success posting from both company and founder / employee accounts. Turning on creator mode for personal Linkedin profiles allows you to access additional features and analytics for your content. More on Linkedin about why.

2. Experiment with Formats: 

When you're just starting out, feel free to experiment with various content types and formats – links, videos, text, PDFs, etc. This will help you learn what resonates with your audience and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to leverage new formats like carousels, polls, blogs, and videos, as the LinkedIn algorithm tends to favor these.

3. Schedule Content for Consistency: 

Scheduling content in advance helps you establish a consistent content cadence. Our top performing companies that use Assembly post on average 5/week from founder accounts, and at least 3 posts/week from the company page.

4. Engagement: 

Comments are heavily encouraged on Linkedin. Share your content in your team Slack to ask people to engage (hint: you can automate comments + reposting in Assembly. Also after posting, spend 10 minutes afterwards engaging with content on your feed.

5. Cross-Post Content:

Most teams focus purely on Linkedin, but many of the same ICP is on Twitter and if you're doing video or short-form content - other channels like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. Cross-post the same content to different channels to maximize reach. (Assembly makes cross-posting easy!)

Remember, consistency and experimentation are key in the early stages. If you want more actionable tips on Linkedin content, follow along at Assembly.