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April 12, 2024

Deep Dive: Tome's Social Media Strategy

Tome is an AI-powered easy-to-use tool for storytelling and creating stunning presentations within minutes. Since its public launch in September 2022, they've raised $81 million since launch and is on mission to help anyone tell a compelling story. Tome has seen viral growth, becoming the fastest productivity tool ever to cross one million users.

Let's dive into their ingenious brand and social strategies on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram behind this success.

Overall, Tome is positioned as an AI-powered, versatile creation and design tool for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and ambitious individuals. They have a distinct brand identity with bold colors (purples, pinks, blues) and futuristic/creative visuals.

Their core 3 content pillars across all three channels are:

  1. Inspiration and Showcasing: Highlighting stunning designs, presentations, and creative outputs made using Tome to inspire audiences on what's possible. This inspirational content is heavily featured on Instagram.
  2. Education and Tutorials: Providing in-depth tutorials, tips, and walkthroughs that demystify Tome's features and capabilities. This educational, practical content is the focus on TikTok.
  3. Creator Collaborations: Partnering with influencers, artists, and creatives to design Tome content that resonates with their niche audiences.

While the strategy blends aspiration and education, Tome uses each channel slightly differently - leveraging Instagram for visual marketing aimed at creative professionals, Twitter for more candid community engagement embedded within the broader creative industry, while using TikTok's inherent learning culture to drive adoption through practical use case demos.


  • Educational guides
  • Polished, curated visual aesthetic with a consistent color palette (purples/pinks/blues)
  • Highlights creators/influencers using Tome to make presentations/graphics
  • Showcases beautiful designs and artistic use cases of the platform
  • Positioned as an AI-powered design tool for creatives and professionals
  • Content has an aspirational, inspirational vibe appealing to creative audiences


  • Community engagement
  • Amplifying user-generated content
  • Thought leadership on broader design and creative tech industry trends and news


  • More casual, conversational style with the founder/employee directly demonstrating features
  • Focus on tutorials, tips, and explaining Tome's practical applications
  • Wider range of use cases shown beyond just design/presentations
  • Raw, behind-the-scenes look at how the product works
  • Aims to educate and build awareness of Tome's capabilities as a creation tool

Instagram aligns with Tome's positioning as an AI-powered design solution by curating stunning creator work. Tome utilizes Twitter as a megaphone for amplifying their community's voices, a platform for asserting domain authority through opinionated content, and a way to insert themselves into wider creative/design technology discussions happening in their industry space. TikTok allows them to comprehensively breakdown features and use cases in a relatable, instructional way.

So in essence, Instagram is about aspiration and showcasing top user outputs, while TikTok focuses on adoption by demystifying the product's value proposition. A complementary two-pronged strategy tailored to each platform's strengths.

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