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February 19, 2024

Deep Dive: How Partiful Approaches their Social Media Strategy

Partiful - A Masterclass in Gen-Z Brand-Building

Partiful, popular event planning platform startup, is shining example of how to build a brand that resonates with Gen-Z consumers. The event invite platform has exploded in popularity, being used by trendy Gen-Zers, celebrity CPG founders, and even Selena Gomez. Let's dive into their ingenious brand and social strategy on TikTok and Instagram behind this success.

A screenshot of Partiful's event page

Positioning and Differentiation

Partiful brilliantly positions itself as the anti-Facebook for event planning - dubbing itself "Facebook events for hot people" or "Eventbrite but for Gen-Z." This differentiation is genius because it recognizes that while Gen-Z still needs tools to plan events, they find Facebook cringeworthy. Partiful built an entire product experience tailored specifically to the Gen-Z consumer. The platform is

  1. Quick and seamless to use
  2. Trendy Gen-Z aesthetics like gradients and y2k vibes
  3. Built-in social feed to react and comment

The viral hook? Every attendee at a Partiful-hosted event is now exposed to the brand. It grows organically with each new event created on the platform (this is actually how we first discovered it!).

Social Strategy Perfection

Partiful's social channels are meticulously curated with a voice that leans into their base of trendy, in-the-know "hot girls" who love planning vision board nights, wine tastings, A24 movie marathons, birthday bashes, and more.


On TikTok, they share hot girl party ideas (check out the post that had 6.1M views), guides for themed gatherings, and aesthetic mood boards - content that informs and inspires their community of party hosts.

A screenshot of Partiful's TikTok
A screenshot of Partiful's TikTok


Their Instagram has a different approach - showcasing real parties hosted via Partiful. The pictures have that covetable Gen-Z film camera aesthetic, building major FOMO and associating their brand with the "it" crowd.

A screenshot of Partiful's Instagram
A screenshot of Partiful's Instagram

Key Takeaways

Partiful's genius lies in their ability to:

  1. Declare their audience and build the product solely for them
  2. Differentiate from legacy competitors through the product experience, branding, and messaging
  3. Share content that educates, entertains, and inspires their audience
  4. Execute it all consistently and repeatedly

Partiful is a masterclass in understanding your consumer, giving them what they want, and making it look effortlessly cool. Other brands should take notes!